All the Necessities of a Wedding

As the wedding season is coming by, the couples who are planning to get married would have started to go through a huge mess. Marriage is a huge deal. Not talking about after marriage but I’m talking about the period when the marriage is to be held. There are so many things that a person has to look after. All the Necessities of a wedding include proper functions to be commenced, shopping for each function, the venue for the wedding, the best palace for a ring ceremony and so on.

But due to soo many things in mind, a huge fuss gets created. And P.S. nobody maintains a list for the same.

So here are we, with your list:

The requirement to have a proper dhum dhadaka wedding.

  • Type

What type of wedding are you planning? Destination wedding? Plain wedding? Court marriage? Etc.

  • Location

This is the most important point when it comes to a destination wedding because for the other options the answer is simple, yet for a destination wedding you have to choose the location as per your budget, which by the way hops to the next point

  • Budget

It’s not necessary that from a small budget you cannot have a destination wedding and neither it is written somewhere that for a huge budget you cannot have a beautiful simple wedding! So the budget is a huge deal. It is like the backbone of your whole planning, cause if you got no budget then you got no wedding. Even for a simple wedding or say a court marriage, you will be needing a sum of amount.

Baratees bole toh the guests that will be coming to your wedding. You have to take care of the number of guests and plan accordingly so that there is a proper budget which is covering each and every person. Generally, people have to keep in mind an extra no. Of guests as compared to the ones, they are going to invite because no doubt many people don’t show up at the wedding but there are many guests who bring extra people with them. It’s like, you never know who’s gonna show up on your wedding (which is quite scary).

  • Food

The first thing that you have to take care of is whether you need non-veg. Food or not. Then you can decide the further menu and have a talk with a good catering service provider.

  • Event planner

It’s always better to have an event planner because when it’s your wedding or of someone’s close by you are soo much indulged into it that whole new chaos is going in front of you. But when you have an event planner, they will definitely be by your side, tackling each and everything according to your preference.

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