One of these times, a weird situation comes and bursts on you. Has it ever happened to you that you are going to visit your friend for the first time and you are totally puzzled for what hostess gifts should you give to them? This situation comes once in a year or two and creates a huge cloud of confusion in your brain. It is already very difficult to figure out a birthday present for a particular person so what to do when such a situation arises? And P.S. you cannot ignore it every time. A time would come when you had to go for the same and excuses won’t work.
So here we are to help you with the same.

The best thing that people used to take with them was a bouquet but eventually, as time passed, people realized that its a waste of money for both the parties.

Deciding the Hostess Gifts:

  • The person you are visiting has bought a new house

In this situation, you are going to a person’s new house. So generally people take “Shagun” or “Hostess Gifts” with them. Or they buy an expensive home decor item of the person’s choice.

  • You are going to your friend’s place for the first time

This is the situation that happens once or twice a year. Because college students have night stays at their friend’s house but as they have to give a good impression. Till the time being there friend’s parents are at home, they generally bring something nice so that it looks good. The best thing in such a situation is a cake. Because a cake is a food item to which the family won’t feel awkward to accept. Instead, they will happily cut the cake with you and enjoy the bite of the same.

So gone are those days of bouquets. And plus when it comes to friends, a person can be direct to ask for the same. Because the person in front would know your nature and as you have decided to spend a sum of money on something, he or she might directly tell you what should be the best suitable thing to bring (The self told gift).

And this is for all those people who are grown-ups, the best thing that you can gift someone is something related to home decor only if you don’t feel comfortable giving money (The shagun). But make sure that something is mesmerizing. It is so worth it that the person in front does not keep that gift to pass it on later on Diwali. (Haha things like these are common and you know it).

Oh and if you are only visiting your friend for the first time then you can also gift him or her a bottle of whiskey, wine or something like that. Because gifting a drinker a bottle of alcohol would be the biggest gesture and the best gift of all time!